Problem with PUBG and game capture


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I've had problems capturing pubg with game capture since i updated to Windows 11.
Log shows OBS is not able to hook into tslgame.exe(pubg) process

15:52:34.814: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] attempting to hook process: TslGame.exe
15:52:34.816: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] using helper (compatibility hook)
15:52:34.819: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] hook not loaded yet, retrying..

Only "fix" i found was to do a fresh Windows install but that worked only for a week before the problems appeared out of nowhere.
I didnt do anything significant that could have caused the black screen when it appeared out of nowhere.
I dont really feel like installing windows every week for game capture to work with pubg.

I tried other games with game capture and they seem to work fine, so might seem like an anticheat issue, but i have asked other people who use obs with pubg and W11 and they have no problems like i have. I asked PUBg support too and they directed me to here. Afterall OBS worked fine for a week for me too so that shouldnt be the issue.
I did debloat Windows when fresh installed it. Uninstalled all the xbox apps etc.. I dont know if those might cause some issues but as mentioned above, i did use the game capture for a week in this state without a problem.

Heres a list of thing i have tried in random order that didnt work:
-game fullscreen optimization
-game as Fullscreen/windowed
-game as admin
-game as admin
-obs compatibility mode
-obs as admin
-diffren gpu driver version
-clean obs config
-windows game mode on/off
-hardware accelerated gpu scheduling on/off
-g-sync and VRR on/off
-install/uninstall ms game bar
-toggling game dvr and game bar
-obs game capture troubleshooting guide
-several youtube videos guides
-looked through the obs forums
(pretty much tested everything i could find from here)
-and many combinations of these

And probably more that didnt come to my mind at the time of writing.

What makes this problem hard to troubleshoot is that it could be basically anything.
I feel like microsoft game bar might have something to do with this but at this point i really cant be sure anymore.
On Windows 10 i've never had problem like this.

I want to emphasize that the game capture worked fine couple days ago with this setup and I didnt change anything when the game capture suddenly stopped working.

So im asking for help if someone have had this kind of problem and got it solved.
Feel free to ask if i forgot to include something!
Every help is appreciated, thanks! :)

Heres the log file:


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Okay, got it working now and feeling kinda dumb. Probably should have done this earlier but got an idea to start killing processes one by one and test.

The problematic program turned out to be "ScrollNavigator", a program for scrollwheel acceleration.
I dont really know why this program is interfering with only pubg game capture and how i didnt notice that sooner when troubleshooting but atleast found the culprit now.

I hope this might help someone with the same issue in the future. :)