PLEASE HELP - Ableton Audio Stutters and Glitches When OBS is Running


New Member
Hello everyone,

I hope you all can help me sort this out because this issue is causing major problems with our church live stream.

I'm running all our audio from an X32 mixer via USB into my 2019 MacBook Pro (6 core i7 processer, 16 GB RAM), then to Ableton Live, then using Loopback 2 to transport the audio into OBS.

This was working fine for months until a few weeks ago; the audio will be clean in Ableton until I open OBS and I suddenly get lots of stuttering glitches like a broken record. It's rendered this solution unusable unless I get a separate machine dedicated to running OBS, which i can't do because of budget constraints.

Is my computer just unable to handle the workload running both apps at once? Too many plugins in Ableton? OBS setting I've missed?

My total CPU usage is only around 60% with both apps running. I don't really know my way around OBS very well so I'm open to any and all suggestions....