Bug Report Please add this Twitch Alerts + Browser Source issue to known issues(Mac).

Nathan Kellert

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I've recently searched through the forums trying to find an answer as to why all the sudden Browser Source stopped working when using Twitch Alerts(Stream Labs) or one of the many available functions from the same company. After reading dozens of posts here and on the Stream Elements site about this issue I finally pieced together an answer.

Even though it is not listed that Browser Source had an update, there is a new bug or perhaps support removal for ogg(some argue mp3) audio which is the common format on Twitch Alerts. This issue began on the 20.1 release. Users that need an immediate fix should go to their Github releases page and download OBS Studio 20.0.1 or click here to download the package directly. An alternative solution would be to convert sounds as .ogg files and re-upload them for use with alerts. Lastly, I am hoping that this issue will get added to "Known Issues" and we will get updated about a potential fix or at least an official acknowledgment of the issue and a timeframe in the near future.

This is my first post on here. Just seemed others might need to see this information.

Edit: I think this may be a monitoring (OBS sending audio to system output) issue. Im adding a report to OBS internal issue tracker.
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