1. Alexik

    OBS Lua Scene Browsers Refresh 1.0

    This script refreshes all browsers on chosen scene. Created from other script refresh-browsers.lua which refreshes all browsers in the project.
  2. M

    Question / Help Browser Source Video Lagg - OBS 24.0.3

    Hi there, I use OBS to broadcast an internal not for profit site message board with multiple browser sources and content streams. Since upgrading to V24.0.3 from V23 we are now having lagging browser sources. The browser sources are showing mp4 videos that are stored in database, when loading...
  3. F

    Question / Help How to auto refresh cache of Browser source?

    Hi, i have an adroid phone set up as a camera source over wifi. So in Obs im using Browser as a source with the given local ip and it works great, but doesnt refresh. Each time i start the ip camera i have to manually click "Refresh cache of current page" or it ould not show the camera feed. Is...
  4. B

    Question / Help Browser Source Full Screen

    How do i make website videos full screen in browser source ? I mean when i copy the video site link & paste it in browser source, it only show the normal screen.
  5. P

    Question / Help HTML Local File Not Displaying Image in Container

    Hey everyone I have a HTML file that I created for OBS to display and image periodically, but the image doesn't seem to display. It works fine on Chrome, but just not in OBS. I have attached what shows up in OBS. BTW, I am not a developer and have limited knowledge in HTML, so please don't...
  6. R

    Browser Source: What info is available to the page?

    Does OBS inject any JS variables or make any information known to the page it's displaying (or not displaying)? I tried to use the on focus/on blur functions in JS to detect this, but the Chromium built into OBS seems to always have the page "unfocused". Is there a way to detect the Browser...
  7. N

    Bug Report Please add this Twitch Alerts + Browser Source issue to known issues(Mac).

    I've recently searched through the forums trying to find an answer as to why all the sudden Browser Source stopped working when using Twitch Alerts(Stream Labs) or one of the many available functions from the same company. After reading dozens of posts here and on the Stream Elements site about...
  8. D

    Bug Report [OBS 20.0.1] Problem With BrowserSource

    Hello, I have used OBS for a very long time and I found error messing around with OBS-Studio after few updates later I still have that problem. IMAGE of the problem: Explaining What I am doing in the Image: So... This Happened when I thought can this work? My Answer is no, lol So The Error...