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Hi all, not sure if I am missing something in the instructions.
Is there a way to have the Input screen as a dock in OBS and have it as interactive?
At this stage I'm using it on a separate window, but when every I change scenes in OBS, PED Scoreboard gets hidden behind.
I can get the HTML file into the dock but its not interactive

Thanks for any help
I've been using this for a while and it is the BEST! So simple, easy, yet comprehensive enough for a professional looking streams. Thank you so much Tim!

Currently, I use 'always on top' windows plugins such as DeskPins to arrange PED windows so it always stays on top whenever I switched to OBS. Got to be careful with the shortcuts though, they only works when PED window is active.

I'm looking for a way to have PED remotely updated from another laptop using network or the internet. This is where the txt files work their magic, as I pull the data from them directly to OBS using my own scoring layout. However, I still haven't worked out how to update the diamond bases. Any suggestions?

Thanks again, and may I say again, this is awesome!


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