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Free PED Scoreboard 0.6.0

This is Windows scoreboard software that works in 2 ways:
  1. It creates and maintains the small text files that OBS reads to automatically update text sources.
  2. It creates a Scoreboard window that can be added as a source to your scenes.
Baseball is first, with inning progress (TOP 1, MID 1, BOT 1, etc.), runs, balls/strikes/outs, hits, and errors. Per-inning runs are maintained, so you can show game progress when needed.

Timesavers include: After Ball 4, the Count will automatically clear after a few seconds. After Strike 3, the number of Outs automatically increases and the Count is reset. After 3 Outs, the Inning Progress increases, and the number of Outs resets. You can cancel any of these within a few seconds if you made a mistake. Keyboard shortcuts include B/S/O (ball/strike/out) R/H/E (run/hit/error) 1/2/3 (first/second/third bases) and P to forward the game progress (TOP, MID, BOT, END, etc.)

There are many more features to come.... Feedback appreciated!

Installation: download and extract the file. Run PED Scoreboard.exe inside the folder.

Usage #1: Inserting automatically updated text files into OBS:

Play around with the runs, hits, errors, balls, strikes, outs, team names, etc. Each time you make a change, a .TXT file is created inside the OBSFiles folder. You can then link these text files to Text Sources in OBS, using any design you like.

.TXT files generated include: Inning.txt; now.txt (TOP 1, MID 1, BOT 1, END 1, TOP 2...); Count.txt; Outs.txt; Home_Name.txt; Home_Total_Score.txt; Home_Hits.txt; Home_Errors.txt; Visitor versions of same; First_Base.txt (a diamond wingding to show if 1B is occupied by a runner); Second_Base.txt; Third_Base.txt. There are also per-inning scores: Home_1_Score.txt; Home_2_Score.txt, etc.

There is a sample SCENE in the OBSFiles folder called PED_SCOREBOARD.json that you can load to see how this works. Unfortunately, you still can't import the scene into an existing Scene Collection so you will have to start with the Scene, or copy the relative JSON into your existing Scene JSON, which I am NOT an expert at. The Scene uses one image .PNG, which is included in OBSFiles, along with the PowerPoint file I used to create that .PNG.

For my Scene, I used the Bebas Neue font from which has nice monospaced numbers. The bases are the Wingdings font.

Usage #2: Scoreboard Window:

Just add the Scoreboard Window as a Window Capture source to your OBS Scene. This method is 2000% easier and faster, but of course you don't have full control over the look & feel like you would by creating your own background graphics and text files. There will be future windows such as an inning-by-inning scoring summary.

Lastly, I apologize that the app download is way oversized for what it does. I am a web designer by trade, and not a Windows programmer. Advances in programming by using VS Code mean you can now create full Windows apps using only HTML and Javascript. Unfortunately, it comes with a lot of baggage, including the need to package a version of the Chrome web browser, and the Node runtime.
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Latest updates

  1. 0.6.0 Released - added keyboard shortcuts

    new keyboard shortcut: k for strike (in addition to s) new keyboard shortcut: c for reset count
  2. 0.5.0 Released - More keyboard shortcuts, Bebas Neue font is automatically downloaded, FINAL button

    Version 0.5.0 2021/05/28 keyboard shortcuts are ignored when entering a team name or color...
  3. 0.4.0 Released - Keyboard shortcuts plus a few fixes

    if you clear a base, and all bases are now empty, the graphic in the Scoreboard Window now...

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