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You misunderstand @RetroWeeb, I should have phrased it differently, I'm not referencing the primary GUI. I already have everything set up including stream mode and my chroma key, I want to hide the L2, R2, L3, and R3 controller GUI elements from the overlay when I delete the binds from the binds panel. Please pardon me, I did some snooping in the plugin assets and discovered that you have these elements drawn from a single vector (xbo.svg). Since this is the case does this mean it's not possible to hide the overlay elements in the manner I described?
No worries, it's not snooping, it's open source! @Mr. Mendelli

No you would have to create a custom theme, which there is documentation on. However, since it took me literally 30 seconds to do, here is a custom theme you can use. Just point to the [Theme] folder using the [Select Folder] button on the themes and away you go.


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Open Joystick Display v2.1 Released! Now with more 80s goodness!

Released: March 15th 2019
  • 80s Joysticks and Joypads (Joysticks in the 80s Theme)
    • Atari VCS (2600) Joystick
    • Commodore 64 Competition Pro Joystick
    • Sharp X68000 X1 Joycard
  • Infinity Fix for Some Analog Controllers
  • Custom OJD SVG Namespace
  • Bug Fixes
Windows 64-Bit

Windows 32-Bit...
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Have a separate gaming and encoding PC? We've got you covered! - Open Joystick Display v2.2

Have a separate gaming and encoding PC? We now offer a server that you can run on your gaming rig that will broadcast your joystick inputs over the local network to your encoding PC that runs Open Joystick Display. (Note that this feature is currently in beta) Give it a try here:
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Crazy question: Is there any way to show that I'm using a turbo feature? In my emulator, I have rapid-fire for my A and B button, and I would like to be able to show that I'm using it.

I understand that the gameplay would obviously show the effect of the turbo, but I would like the option to make the button turn a different color, at the very least. Is that possible?
@Trelior, question- does the turbo toggle show up in the tester? My gut says it doesn't- which means there isn't any real way for me to know if the turbo is on or not. (outside of rapid input, but I've seen speedrunners hit as fast as a turbo can). Typically from what I've seen, Turbo toggles are handled on the gamepad's controller itself and not through driver/operating system so no way to know unless you wire something up manually.

Let me know if you see it in the test section (or even the operating system gamepad tester) and I can work from there. Also, what model of gamepad would also let me research that further. If it doesn't then good to high chance it's not something I can do.

It's not a turbo on the controller itself, it's a separate bind in the emulator and I just want to sho that I'm pressing the other button. I just want to know if there was any way that I could make the alternate bind show a different color is all.

I'm going to assume not, but I figured I would ask anyway