Open Joystick Display

Free Open Joystick Display 2.2

A powerful and easy to use streamer-ready overlay for your joystick or gamepad. Works with OBS and other broadcasting software. Completely free and open source!

New Features in 2.2:
Released: April 20th 2019
  • Client/Server Support (OJD Server)
    • Use this tool when you have a separate encoding + gaming PC!
Features in 2.1:
  • 80s Joysticks and Joypads (Joysticks in the 80s Theme)
    • Atari VCS (2600) Joystick
    • Commodore 64 Competition Pro Joystick
    • Sharp X68000 X1 Joycard
  • Infinity Fix for Some Analog Controllers
  • Custom OJD SVG Namespace
  • Bug Fixes
Features in 2.0:
  • NintendoSpy/RetroSpy Support!
  • Playstation and Xbox Fight Stick Themes.
  • Arcade Stick Support.
  • Interface Tweaks.
  • Performance Enhancements.
  • Updated Documentation.
Features in 1.03:
  • PC-Engine Controller Themes.
  • Sega Dreamcast Controller Themes.
  • Sega Saturn Controller Themes.
  • Support for CAPTURE and RUN Buttons.
  • Minor changes and patreon backers list.
Features in 1.02:
  • Support for continuous integration pipeline. (In Discord)
  • macOS Support
  • Linux 32-Bit Support
Features in 1.01:
  • Windows 32-Bit Support
Features in 1.0:
  • Updated interface and color theme.
  • Broadcast profiles
  • Brand new themes for the following platforms. All with various controller styles as well as streamer-style color options! Included in this update are:
    • Xbox
    • Nintendo Gamecube
    • NES / Famicom
    • SNES / Super Famicom
    • Nintendo 64
    • Sega Master System / Mark III
    • Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
    • Sony Playstation
  • Updated theme engine with sub-themes (Styles)
  • Better SVG support
  • Ability to change the event polling rate for better response time.
Original Features:
  • Multi-Platform
  • Wide Support for Joysticks/Controllers/Gamepads
  • Custom Themes
  • Custom Mappings
  • Chroma Support
  • Broadcast Mode for OBS
  • Developer Friendly Documentation
Upcoming Features in Pipeline
  • More themes such as Nintendo Switch
  • Portable console overlays like Game Boy and Game Gear
  • RAW HID Controller Support for Devices (Like Switch Pro Controller)

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What to get involved or report an issue? Do it on our GitHub
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Latest reviews

A1 software A1 developer.. programs is updated regularly, UI is very easy to use and well designed, having a desktop based application is so much better than using a web based controller overlay, and allows for user development an simply more customization overall! retroweeb is an awesome guy! No seriously!! he has been so helpful in helping me design my own custom scuf overlay and even went through the work of making a full developer write up for those interested in creating their own overlays! again couldn't be more happy with discovering this program! would recommend
I'm new to streaming, and I always wanted a customizable input plugin. Open Joystick Display meets all of my needs. Anything from custom binds, themes, and controller types, to a user-friendly GUI and interface on top of an incredibly easy installation. As a power user, I can appreciate how much time and effort went into making this fantastic plugin for beginners. I'm glad the development team has provided this tool for free. Keep up the great work!
Couldn't ask for a better piece of software to display my controller inputs on stream. Easy to use UI, easy to re-map buttons, and pre-mapped to use various controllers with different skins.

Programs infrequently updated and the dev is generally pretty open for suggestions! Can't wait to see where this goes!

Made an OBS forums account just so I could rate this amazing piece of software!