Bug Report OBS Virtual Cam output is blury and pixelish


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First of all, thx for your effort, much appriciated! :)

I found a similiar post a view month ago but obviously nothing changed since then.
I am using windows 10 64bit.
No matter what App or Webapp I use - from Zoom, over Jitsi to Microsoft Teams - the output of OBS Virtual Cam gets somehow lowered down in its quality - looks like 720p or less. I can't read small letters of my presentations anymore and so OBS is pretty worthless for me.
Streams to Youtube work good.
Second thing: It would be great if there is ONE button to swap the whole output horizontaly, because it is always wrong in the Apps. Or am I doing something wrong? :)

Best, Oliver
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Hi Oliver, funny i already asked this question yesterday, with a little more Detail... nice to see that i am not the only one.

Take a look:


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If you want higher quality of output from OBS to Zoom on Windows, I would use NDI and Virtual Input, not VirtualCam.


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I had the issue when I first added my webcam as a source. I executed the following steps to correct it:
1) Open the Source Properties for the Web Cam (gear at bottom of Sources panel)
2) Scroll down to the "Resolution/FPS Type" (past "Configure Video" and "Configure Crossbar" buttons)
3) Change value of "Resolution/FPS Type" to "Custom"
4) Change "Resolution" (next field down) to 1920x1080 (or whatever highest resolution your camera supports)
5) Click the OK button
6) Re-adjust the size/scale/cropping in the Scene layout

Screenshot for reference:


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I'm in the exact same point.
I am reading about the same issue in differents forums and no one ask or give even a clue where to start.


Maybe it is because of 64-Bit Windows?

Can somebody Help and post some System-Specs where it is actually working?

@ demiguel.m What system are you running?
@ INDI03 What system are you running?


NO! This issue is with both plugins (NDI and Virtual Cam). It happens with Skype, Zoom, VLC.

Also vMix output looks the same. It has to be something with the OS Renderer.

At the moment i am trying to test this under Ubuntu 20 but i am stuck by installing v4l2Loopback and the obs-v4l2sink plugin...


@ Narcogen, if it is working for you in any way, can you please tell us your System-Setup?
DX version
OBS Version
Plugin Version
C++ Version?


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If it affects NDI, OBS, VirtualCam and Zoom on your setup, then I suspect it might be

1) your computer


2) Zoom

Although it could be an underlying OS issue... which says to me that adjustments in OBS are unlikely do address it.

I regularly use Zoom and Webex with NDI and both OBS and Vmix. I have not observed this issue to date, although I still would say that the quality of presentations using Zoom's share feature is better, but this is to be expected; Zoom is expecting a camera feed to be video and is compressing it accordingly. The compression applied I would expect to soften edges in a way that would make text difficult to read at small sizes on a 1080 or larger resolution. But it is also clearly not 720p resolution; I don't know if Zoom for some reason is forcing that for you. I assume you have checked the "enable HD" setting in Zoom? And turned off options like "touch up my appearance"?

OBS 25, Vmix, NDI 4.1.4, Zoom 4.6, Windows 10 1909.

UPDATE: There is also a de-noising option under advanced settings in Zoom, you might want to turn that off as well.
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Thanks for the reply... i am absolutly aware of compressions inside of there providers.... but for example skype should work... even localy i do not get an normal result... i am shure this is not an OBS fold but something with the OS and i am not the only one with this issue... internet is full of users who having this issue....

for example if i start a Skype call, i can see my stream in full screen.... it is cropped by some pixels and strongly compresses... and this is local...

when u use Zoom... what is better, using zooms screensharing or showing a screencapture by zoom.