OBS video "sticking" in Windows 11


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After updating to windows 11 OBS started to act up in a way I would describe as "dropped frames." HOWEVER. I won't refer to it as dropped frames in this post because the audio continues to be broadcasted and OBS does not detect any dropped frames in the counter down below. The video "sticks" approximately every 1-2 seconds and each stick lasts from .5-1 seconds. I also tried playing around with multiple encoders in case that happened to be the issue, but I was unable to achieve any notable difference.


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little tip dont use 1000 image sources on one scene create a new png with all in one

dont use for video files chromakey filters create a webm with alpha chanel from it

and dont look on the counter did you know it gives a Stats Dock

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Thank you. I ended up creating a whole new scene collection to remove unused sources. This fixed the problem. I was confused because my pc did not act up before updating my OS to Windows 11. I guess I must have been teetering on the edge and the update lowered the room to do such heavy loads.