video freeze

  1. R

    the webcam image freezes as soon as i plug the microphone into OBS Studio

    Hello everyone. The day before yesterday I had decided to record a video offstream but, as the title suggests, as soon as I inserted the microphone, the image immediately froze. My microphone is the one found in this Amazon listing, with a USB 2.0 cable (the most basic and low-priced thing of...
  2. M

    Streamvideo is freezing for a couple seconds, audio continues

    Hi There, Problem: Whenever I stream & record my video has lags. Basically what happens is that my video us freezing for a couple seconds and then continues again as normal. Audio is uninterrupted. Example: 0:55-0:57 Setup: Dual PC Setup...
  3. Brickbrigade

    OBS video "sticking" in Windows 11

    After updating to windows 11 OBS started to act up in a way I would describe as "dropped frames." HOWEVER. I won't refer to it as dropped frames in this post because the audio continues to be broadcasted and OBS does not detect any dropped frames in the counter down below. The video "sticks"...
  4. lobsterey

    Discord bug with OBS

    Hi, I recently did a fresh uninstall of my OS everything worked perfectly before. Now, whenever I open discord up my video for OBS freezes. OBS works fine for playing my Switch when Discord is not open. Currently, I am trying to play my Switch from OBS while I sit in discord and talk with...
  5. D

    Webcam input freezing while using VirtualCam

    Hey everyone! I'm having a problem with my video input (webcam) freezing. The only way to get it unfrozen is to restart OBS. I teach online using OBS as a virtual webcam. I used it for months with a cheap low resolution Logitech camera with no issues. Then I switched to a high resolution...