OBS Studio OBS-Studio: Send an UDP Stream to a second PC using OBS [Deleted]

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Incidentally, I ended up using the OBS-NDI plugin to send the video, and the free NDI tools to receive it and play it back. Much simpler and rock solid provided you've got a good network (wired gig recommended, but a solid 802.11n or better infrastructure). This is on the windows platform.


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i been following this guide and can't stream.
i first get an error about streaming key so i put the UDP multicast adress as custom.

Seem better but now the error is a connection/disconnection error. i can't stream localy. i want to stream privatly


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...came here to say a big Thank You !for this great guide...and for OBS as a great tool
For VLC 3.x the trick, adding the packet-size of 1316 (however this has been discovered) did the trick.

Additionally, at least for my tests using OBS 25.0.8 (64bit in Win10) you do not need to use ffmeg based codecs in the recording config.
You can use the same multicast address directly in the user defined setting of the stream config...simply enter it as the streaming server address and you can start streaming rather start recording ;-)


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is there a way to stream to the Internet instead local network?
I have IP Public and open port on my router... but don't works (with vMix this flow worked).


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After about an hour of troubleshooting I was able to get this to work by using VLC 2.2.5, as others have suggested.
The ?pkt_size=1316 fix did not work for me on VLC 3.x


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I have some issues setting this up. OBS setup works fine but there seems to be an issue with the output. Everytime I'm opening the stream there are huge artefacts in the stream. Didn't make a screenshot yet but the stream looks something like this picture https://i.stack.imgur.com/jAJYI.png

I tried different bitrates from 2500 - 20000 it stays the same. Maybe some problems with 120hz refreshrate?
Maybe someone could help me with this. thanks in advance.

Did you solve this issue?

I have the same problem. I'm using the following settings with 4500 kbps bitrate and 25 as keyframe interval:

What I have seen is that by default ffmpeg writes to the socket as soon as new data is available. This leads to traffic bursts which cause the receiver buffer to overflow or underflow, which seems to be my case (see https://brokenpipe.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/ffmpeg-constant-udp-output/). Sniffing ethernet output with Wireshark I can see the bursts and the bitrate raise up to 10000 kbps in I/O Graph.

Following recomendation in https://brokenpipe.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/ffmpeg-constant-udp-output/, I set this config for ffmpeg in OBS Studio to set a constant bitrate to 4500 kbps :


But it seems it doesn't work. I set the bitrate to 2500000, even 256, but I dont get any change.
When I set udp:// I can see that ttl is changed in IP packets in wireshark from 16 (default) to 15, so it seems the command is right.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance.


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I have it working now with the latest VLC.

Video encoder - libx264
Audio encoder - AC3
keyframe - 1

URL - udp://@IP:9999?pkt_size=1316


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Good Day!
I Have some issues of my VCL. I cant connect OBS to VCL.

VLC is unable to open the MRL 'udp://@'. Check the log for details.

Here's some errors, but the settings in OBS to steams in VCL are they same.
How to fix that.


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I've successfully managed to get OBS (Windows) to stream to VLC (Raspberry Pi 4), but for some reason when I go full screen, the video completely blacks out. Any thoughts about what's causing this?

URL: udp://xxx.xxx.x.5:9999?pkt_size=1316 - works without the query
Container: mpegts
Bit-rate: 5000kbps
Key frames: 250
Video encoder: h264_nvenc (libx264) - (also happens on "libx264 (default)")

I've also tried this with rtp_mpegts too.
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