OBS Studio destroys Webcam?


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So... this behvior is a bit strange...

What happens:
Sometimes my webcam won't work anymore - not just in OBS but in all Applications (So this also applies to videochat software like google meet)

How does it happen:
It seems to be connected to OBS. The last time I had this problem was months ago, when I tried some video making... and since then OBS was rarely used. Now I got out OBS again cause I wanted to do a Heroes of the Storm Stream with a hexanogal webcam. So I added a webcam source and tried to make it hexagonal (sofar everything worked) - now I deleted it and re-added it (cause I screwed up the ratio) - my webcam wouldn't work anymore - neither in obs nor anywhere else

How to fix:
To fix this I need to turn my pc off, disconect the webcam and then reconect it once its fully bootet.

Using OBS 26.1.0 (64-Bit, Windows) and Windows 10 64 bit Ver 1909 / 18363.1379.

Any idea where to look / what could cause this behavior?

Edit: Seems to be a known issue, but I couldn't find a fix yet: https://obsproject.com/forum/thread...s-and-makes-obs-an-unkillable-process.127588/


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I had my notebook Aspire E5-571 0xA00F4244<NoCameraAreAttached> cam destroyed, tryed everything and the one thing left is restore windows and this I cant to at the momment. After installing OBS Studios, the cam was simply gone