webcam crash

  1. blenlmao

    niche webcam troubleshooting request- CV503-U3

    Hi there OBS chums, I have an issue that has turned into a problem and I am wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot it. I have a niche Marshall CV503-U3 USB 3.0 I have been happily using it for 3+ years with obs but recently it has started freezing, sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes...
  2. D

    webcam sometimes doesn't works

    I have 3 same Creative webcams, CREATIVE Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2, connected to different usb ports. With the default camera software on windows11, the webcams work fine, in OBS sometimes one of the webcams doesn't work. Also activated the "disable if not visible" flag, nothing to do. Possible...
  3. D

    Webcam freeze/black screen

    Hello, I have a Microsoft LifeCam and I am currently on 28.0.1 and the webcam keeps freezing, black screeening, or flat out crashing obs. I have tried turning it into high performance on the graphic settings, tried running OBS as administrator, tried deleting it from all scenes and making only...
  4. btt1

    does not recognize the camera when turning on the computer (after deleting the obs)

    I downloaded the obs because I wasn't able to zoom in on my webcam. I watched tutorials because I wanted to make video calls and downloaded a virtual cam. After installing, I saw that it did not solve my problem and I uninstalled the obs. Every time I entered a video call platform (meet) an obs...
  5. G

    still obs massive problems - i stuck on solutions

    Hi, my obs always freeze when i am streaming. i have an high end equip but it doesnt work. I treid everything. I also changed my mainboard. my cooler because i hought it was a heat problem. nothing works. Always start with a frozen webcam (elgato Facecam) than the sound start to lag massive and...
  6. funwithfondue

    Webcam Keeps Freezing & OBS Crashes

    I'm having this problem when I'm streaming on OBS my camera will either go black, in which case I just deactivate and activate it again and that fixes the issue, or more annoyingly my webcam will freeze and then the rest of the stream will be fine but if I try to change scene, end stream, go to...
  7. V

    Razer kiyo

    hi there i stream over at twitch and my kiyo pro keeps crashing and glitching mid stream i have a little clip that you can view for help
  8. H

    Crash upon adding "Video Capture Device".

    Upon adding a Video Capture Device source to my scene instantly crashes OBS Studio. Unhandled exception: c0000005 Fault address: 7FFD2A91A9A9 (c:\windows\system32\apphelp.dll) Operating System: Windows 11 Home (21H2) Build 22000.348
  9. E

    My camera keeps freezing when in obs

    My camera keeps freezing when in obs, I also hear the windows disconnection sound, it forces me to restart the webcam in obs (c922) then it disconnects after a couple of seconds again.
  10. Nygmo

    my webcam freeze and my sound cuts out on my live

    Hi I've been streaming for a few days and I had no problem until then, but tonight while I was streaming, my webcam is freeze and all my sound is cut, twice in the same stream, the only solution was to restart the pc, I can't figure out where the problem comes from or how to solve it, if you...
  11. F


    Dejó de mostrar la imagen de la webcam (Dispositivo de captura de video) ... La webcam funciona en otras aplicaciones It just stopped showing the webcam imagen (Video capture source) The webcam is working un other apps
  12. S

    OBS Studio destroys Webcam?

    So... this behvior is a bit strange... What happens: Sometimes my webcam won't work anymore - not just in OBS but in all Applications (So this also applies to videochat software like google meet) How does it happen: It seems to be connected to OBS. The last time I had this problem was months...
  13. N

    OBS Crashing as soon as opened for no reason

    Hi, OBS seems to crash for no apparent reason as soon as opened, I thought it was because I was using my Fujifilm X-T3 as the webcam but it also does this with my other logi webcam, I've reinstalled it with the same issue still happening. any ideas from the log file? Thanks, Jacob
  14. J

    Web cam properties crashes OBS

    Hi after the last update obs stopped recognising my web cam ( I think, becasue it only shows black screen ) and when I click on properties of this web cam the whole program crashes. I'm not very good at fixing things so please help. Also I tried to see the crash files but there's nothing in the...