OBS Studio can't hold consistent 60FPS while RECORDING


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I noticied my 1080p60 videos not smoother like I want, Idk why.

My PC setup is:
Ryzen 5 3600
GTX 1660
16GB Ram 3200mhz
Motherboard AB350M Gigabyte


I've tested alot of settings for recording, but all my videos are not smoother like I want to.

Sometimes I feel fps dropping to 48/50, but my FPS in game is fine, always above 250.

I have a 60Hz monitor, but I overclocked it to 75hz (4x3 res) and 74Hz 1080p.

I already tested using all res in 60hz, but the result is the same.

*I always open OBS as admin*

Here is a video using OBS Sudio 1080p60 settings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YBC_W7_drY
Here is my video using OBS Studio 1080p60 settings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q45gKAtRUQ0
(my Premiere render is 1440p to get vp09 codec)


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Limit in game framerate to 120Mhz

Get rid of your shitty "Overclock" & set monitor back to 60Mhz

Change Color Range from Full to Partial

Look at this thread for an explanation.

Turn off HDR if you have it on.

You have a Scene with Game & Monitor Capture, create another Scene & move one of them to it.

Record w/CQP, CBR is for streaming. Try these settings first & if there is no dropped frames, try the High Quality Preset.
Lower CQ Levels will produce higher quality/larger files. Higher CQ Levels the opposite.

NVENC Capture 2.JPG


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I already back to 60hz, changed Full to Partial, I tested CQP exactly like ur screenshot and the final result is the same.


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I gotta run but since you're running the newest version of Windows, make sure HAGS is disabled. I'll check back later.