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Hi I'm new to these forums but I've been using OBS for just over a year now but I hadn't encountered this issue until today. When I try to record the audio cuts out every few seconds. I haven't changed any settings before this change occurred so I'm very confused lol. This happens for both desktop audio and my mic so I'm pretty sure it's a software issue.

OS: Windows 10
OBS Studio Version: 24.0.3 64-bit
Mic: Blue Snowball iCE
PC Specs: In the log

So far I've tried:
  • Checking drivers
  • Making sure OBS is updated
  • Making sure Windows 10 is updated
  • Recording audio in Audacity to see if it cuts there (it doesn't)
  • Disabling all other Playback and Recording devices on Windows
  • Unplugging microphone
  • Restarted PC
  • Changed encoding format
Any help is appreciated, thank you!


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There's pretty much nothing in the log that indicates a problem, and most audio issues are upstream of OBS.

Only red flag I see is this:

20:55:02.527: WASAPI: Device 'Headset Earphone (HyperX Virtual Surround Sound)' initialized

As having problems with virtual surround setups is common, and I usually advise either turning off those features or using a vanilla stereo headset.