audio cutting

  1. M

    Mic/Aux cutting out after approx. 20 mins or so

    I was testing my stream today via my Logitech StreamCam, I have it connected to a USB C to USB A Adapter into a USB 3.0 A Extender/Repeater to my PC. After so long, my audience reported that my sound is muted/gone. I checked OBS and my sound under the "Mic/Aux" isn't picking up anymore. I found...
  2. Reshkiy

    OBS Audio Problem (Stutters/Cuts)

    I've been getting these random audio stutters/cuts in my recordings with OBS. With any other program, like Adobe Audition, everything is fine. I recorded a 10-15 minute long sine wave going into two sources in OBS and they all presented these small stutters throughout the entire recording. I...
  3. I

    Question / Help OBS Studio | Audio cutting out

    Hi I'm new to these forums but I've been using OBS for just over a year now but I hadn't encountered this issue until today. When I try to record the audio cuts out every few seconds. I haven't changed any settings before this change occurred so I'm very confused lol. This happens for both...