Mic/Aux cutting out after approx. 20 mins or so


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I was testing my stream today via my Logitech StreamCam, I have it connected to a USB C to USB A Adapter into a USB 3.0 A Extender/Repeater to my PC.
After so long, my audience reported that my sound is muted/gone. I checked OBS and my sound under the "Mic/Aux" isn't picking up anymore. I found that if I close and restarted OBS it would work, but after about a 20 min time period, it cuts out again. I've attached my most recent log from off stream, when I had OBS open to see if the Audio cut out again, to which it did.
I know I have a lot of different variables in this problem, such as the adapters and cords, not to mention the Remote StreamControl app I'm using to control OBS from afar.

Hope this helps and helpfully we can get this fixed.


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