OBS Stops recording exactly one second after pressing 'record'


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Hello everybody, I hope you're doing well and I thank whoever takes the time to reply. I'm new to using this software, about a year but not very experienced still. I tried googling my issue and searching on this forum, but didn't find any solutions that pertained to me. I did check and see if it was an issue with my hotkey and that doesn't seem to be the case. I thought I had run out of room for the file, maybe, but that was not it either.

I was recording footage of The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, the Steam version that uses DOSBox, as I have for six hours total so far without trouble. I was 37 minutes into another so-far successful recording when I paused the game (not the recording), left to get coffee, and returned to OBS no longer recording. I tried to start the recording again, and every time I pressed the button, it would record for a second, and then once one second exactly had passed it would end the recording, saying only that the file was saved, no error message of overloaded encoding, which I have once dealt with.

I seem to not have log files for every instance I recorded for some reason, and one other of the successful recording logs is too large to upload, but here is one log of a successful recording from last month and the other the one of the failed attempts from just this morning. I took a look at each and the failed log seemed to say it had some problem hooking to DOSBox, and something about ffmpeg, which I understand to have something to do with the video format? I really don't know what anything else in the file means though, so I would appreciate if somebody could take a look at it. I hope it's a simple fix and I'm being silly, or just need an upgrade, maybe. Sorry for the long-winded explanation, haha. Thank you again.

(I'm sure it might fix itself, were I to restart my PC, but I have to leave very shortly for work. But I suppose in case it happens again, knowing the cause would still help. And restarting may not even necessarily fix it. If it does, though, I have looked stupider in front of more people than this, but I still apologize for potentially wasting time)


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