OBS still crashing after troubleshooting


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I scanned the forums before asking for help. I still can't fix my OBS crashing when I open it.

>Upon opening OBS I get prompted with SE.Live update
>I cannot see my docks
>I click update and OBS crashes
>Update installs and I run OBS again
>Get prompted with same update, OBS crashes, ETC

I updated all my drivers and ran windows update.
I included screenshot of OBS and the crash log
I can see thread C04 crashed although I am not privy to what that means
Thank you in advance!


  • Crash 2022-03-17 19-15-49.txt
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I did the stupid update/crash loop one more time after posting this thread
It crashes
I opened it again and now it is working

*chefs kiss*


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You are using SE.live which isn't updated and is not compatible with latest versions of OBS. Please, contact them directly for support on the issue or unsitall completelly SE.live and then uninstall and reinstall OBS Studio to fix all the changes that plugin makes and brakes.