Question / Help OBS Skipping Frames


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So I've been using OBS for over a year but about a few months ago my recordings started becoming really laggy. I've been trying to get the right settings for it but I can't figure it out. I used record competitive minecraft videos (cringe, i know) but the recordings are so hard to watch because they're so choppy. I eventually just stopped, but I want to be able to record again. The audio is fine and my game runs fine when it's recording.

Here's a short clip I recorded recently, it's smooth at some parts but at others it's very choppy.
And here is the log:

Here are my specs, I'm using an HP Pavilion laptop:

And here are my settings:
obs settings.PNG
obs settings 2.PNG
obs settings 3.PNG

Thanks for anyone who helps, I've been struggling with this for a while and I decided I'd post a thread about it. I'm new to forums obviously, sorry if anything is vague or if a solution to this has been posted already.