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Hello, so I've been trying to stream with 720p30 and it looks not like I expected. My upload speed is kinda normal 48.52 Mbps. My specs aren't good for streaming but I tried.

CPU I5-4570
GPU GTX 1050 3Gb

I tried to stream using NVENC , because my x264 looks laggy even if I choose very fast, still the same. I tried 720p30 with 2000 bitrate, used downscale Lanczos, preset Quality, Profile High. When I stream 720p60 stream gets laggy. Could somebody give me so advice on how to increase quality and fps? and btw I usually stream VALORANT, so 30fps looks not that great tho.


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There's no recording attempt in that log, so we can't see any performance metrics, or settings used. Make sure to do at least a 1 minute test recording/stream, and then with OBS still open, upload the current log file.

That said, if you're having performance issues using x264, then you should definitely consider using Nvenc instead.


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According to the logs, you're only missing 4 frames, which is nothing. Try doing a direct recording with the "use stream settings" for your encoding settings, and see if your local recording shows the same behavior that you're seeing from twitch playback. (Use VLC to play the recording)


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1. In Windows 10 versions 1809 and newer, we recommend that "Game Mode" be enabled for maximum gaming performance. Game Mode can be enabled via the Windows 10 "Settings" app, under Gaming > Game Mode
2. Having the YUV Color range set to "Full" will cause playback issues in certain browsers and on various video platforms. Shadows, highlights and color will look off. In OBS, go to "Settings -> Advanced" and set "YUV Color Range" back to "Partial".
3. Display and Game Capture Sources interfere with each other. Never put them in the same scene.
4. Multiple Game Capture sources are usually not needed, and can sometimes interfere with each other. You can use the same Game Capture for all your games! If you change games often, try out the hotkey mode, which lets you press a key to select your active game. If you play games in fullscreen, use 'Capture any fullscreen application' mode.
5. Uncheck Psycho Visual Tuning