Obs recording sometimes laggy after a while (skipped frames, encoding lag)


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Recently I tried recording in two different games and sometimes, after a while (20-40 minutes) the recorded material would go from smooth to slide show.
Here's the uploaded log file. https://obsproject.com/logs/Tt4sFfMYxbBA88u0
I think the issue appeared at 17:13:18.019, where an encoding lag and skipped frames were mentioned. I checked older logs (24.3.) for comparison, but that line is new.

I used to be able to record (using OBS portable) for months without issues. I may have changed a few settings before I went to vacation (2 weeks ago) and this may or may not be related to the issue at hand. The problem is that I'm not sure whether or not I changed something and if yes, what.
I do remember that I *reduced* the videobitrate to 7500 kbps because I had concluded that the previous rate was way too high and just increased the file size, without any real visual improvements.
Other than that... Encoder is on hardware (AMD, H.264). No idea if it used to be on software in the past. And encoder setting is to quality. There I could try switching to speed or balance. But I don't want to risk messing up more settings by trial and error.