OBS Recording Problem


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I'm having an issue recording to my portable HDD, I can find the path of the folder etc in the drive and record but randomly the recording will crash and say there is not enough disk space and will crash even though the drive has over a TB free, I've search on youtube and can't seem to find a fix for this at all so hoping someone knows a fix on here :)



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Recording to USB drives can run into issues as the USB protocol can have a lot of overhead and latency. Thumbdrives are especially prone to this as most use fairly slow flash memory and cheap controllers. It's STRONGLY advised to record to a SATA drive, and transfer the recording to an external device after the recording is completed, if space is limited.

Also, have you actually tested the USB device? Many 'Shenzhen Special' drives list a high capacity, but are essentially fake; the first chunk exists and works fine, but it's much smaller than advertised/reported to the OS. Writing past a certain point can at worst cause crashes, at best return random garbage data when reading is attempted.