OBS recording frame drops for all recording formats


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Hello, this is my first post, and I've been running into some OBS recording problems lately.
I normally use OBS to record my Valorant gameplay, but recently I noticed that my OBS recordings would drop frames every so often. Thus, I discovered some settings on the forums and used the settings they provided (run OBS in administrator mode, changing recording format to flv, etc). It was working fine earlier today, but then I noticed that I couldn't record multiple audio tracks with .flv files so I switched to .mkv file format. That's when everything went wrong. The recordings were absolutely horrible, extremely laggy and couldn't be used. I then tried to change back to .flv format and it still produced laggy recordings. I tried every format but the results were the same.
Furthermore, when I tried to stop the recording, it would get stuck in Stopping Recording, I know that this problem should be a GPU encoding overload issue, but I believe I have pretty good hardware, so I have no idea what's wrong.
Below are my settings for OBS recordings:
Encoder: NVENC H.264
Rate Control: CQP
CQ level: 18
Keyframe Interval: 5
Preset: Quality
Profile: main
Max B-frames: 4

And below are my system spec:
Ryzen 5 5600X
RTX 3070

The log file for my recent recordings:

Please help me solve this problem! Thank you very much!


Here are several things that can cause OBS frame drops:
  1. The connection to the server is unstable
  2. The bitrate is too high
  3. Connection problems due to firewalls or anti-virus
  4. The resolution of the video stream is too high
You can solve the problem based on these few ideas. If you still don't know how to get started, check out this guide: How to Fix OBS Dropped Frames in 2022