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    Recording gameplay not smooth

    Hi, I'm trying to record fast-paced gameplay, counter-strike2 specifically and I dont feel completly satisfied becaused the recording is a bit choppy / laggy compared to ingame where its silky smooth. I've tried to cap fps ingame at 120, 180, 240 and it doesn't seem to make a visible...
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    OBS recording frame drops for all recording formats

    Hello, this is my first post, and I've been running into some OBS recording problems lately. I normally use OBS to record my Valorant gameplay, but recently I noticed that my OBS recordings would drop frames every so often. Thus, I discovered some settings on the forums and used the settings...
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    Choppy recordings - FH5

    Hey, I'm trying to record Forza Horizon 5 and no matter what I change, I always get what seems like lag or frame drops in my recordings. The game always stays at 60 fps, the gpu works ~ 50-60%, cpu below 40%. I usually record at 1440p 120Hz, game locked at 60fps, but even at 1080p same results...
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    Question / Help Playback Lags but in-game FPS is great

    So, I'm actually getting really really mad over this mainly because I can not find a fix ANYWHERE The Problem: My FPS in-game is fine actually, it's amazing but, when I go back to look at my recording I get extra tilted when I see that my footage looks like it came straight outta your...

    Question / Help OBS laggy issue

    Regardless of how many times I change the options, obs becomes very laggy. What are the best settings for smooth recording? Log:
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    Question / Help Recording Lag...

    This is probably a common problem which I still haven't been able to find the solution to. I have been trying to set up my recording settings in OBS for a while and have been on it today alone for about 2 hours. I'm certain that I can record 1080p60 for youtube but I just can't get the right...
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    Question / Help FPS drop while recording

    Hi, I have a pretty good PC with a GTX 1050 TI and i want to record CS:GO and everytime when i have OBS opened in the background (not recording) it lags, it goes from 100 to about 20 FPS, when i'm recording it's just unplayable. Please help me.
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    Low FPS

    I have a pretty decent PC with a GTX 1050 and somehow if i try to record CS:GO for example. it like goes from 100 FPS to 20, even if i don't record and only have OBS opened in the background it lags. Please help me Mercify
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    Question / Help Games is 100+ FPS but in recording looks like Poop While Recording Fortnite: Save the World

    Hey guys, I was trying to record some Fortnite Save the World videos but my footage looks so bad that it looks like I am gaming on a microwave. The game itself is fine and 100+ FPS while recording but the final result like previously stated is terrible. I have tried uninstalling and...