OBS recording cut off, is there a way to recover the cut off parts?


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Hello! New user here,
I made a Among Us gameplay with me and my friends, and it was around 40+ mins long, but after I stopped recording, all of the 40+ mins footage was suddenly cut down to 10 mins only, and I was wondering if there's a way to recover all that lost footage?


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unfortunately, yes. I see no way you can possibly recover that, but you can prevent that from happening to your future videos
Also, I see you are prolly using an older pc, so try this: Open the game, and while it's running, go to Tools >> Autoconfiguration wizard, and run it. From your post I believe you won't be streaming, so select the corresponding option and proceed.
You can also go to Settings >> Video, and change the output resolution to 720p or even 480p, which will considerably help reduce the load on your pc.
And ofc, go through the link in my earlier reply, it will help you a lot