recording cut off

  1. lovatorix

    Chance to recover lost recording that was cut short?

    Hi there, I recorded a 3-hour session with OBS, but stopping the recording took some time. I clicked the "stopping recording" button again, which stopped the recording but also cut the video short. It may be a silly question, but is there a chance to recover the lost footage? Thank you!
  2. L

    Recording continues, but output is cut off at around 20 minutes

    This has happened a couple times now. Here is the log file from the most recent time: I recorded for about an hour, but then when I checked the file, it was only 22 minutes long. The output is as .mkv. I don't have any hotkeys set, though I'm not sure if that would...
  3. L

    OBS only saved my video half

    Hello, can someone help me figure out how to retrieve my video? Or if I can never even get it back? I recorded it for almost 1 hour plus and I only got 30 minutes of it.
  4. JFerre

    output (.mkv), videoclip is not complete - no problem is found at recording

    When I start recording my screen it actually records it without a single problem - no crash log is created. However, if I record a 12-minute video the output is only of the first 6 minutes. This time it was a recording of approximately 2h and the output generated (.mkv) is only 45 minutes. The...
  5. R

    Recording of video freezes, but not the audio. Only the first portion of a recording gets saved when stopped

    Recorded video images are freezing in place, and the audio continues. I also recorded a video that was just over 5 hours long. Yet when I went to review it, it only recorded the first 2 and a half hours. Can I fix this?
  6. SkyFantasyWorld

    OBS recording cut off, is there a way to recover the cut off parts?

    Hello! New user here, I made a Among Us gameplay with me and my friends, and it was around 40+ mins long, but after I stopped recording, all of the 40+ mins footage was suddenly cut down to 10 mins only, and I was wondering if there's a way to recover all that lost footage?
  7. A

    Full recording not saved, it was cut off when saved

    I just finished recording using OBS Studio for Windows. It was a 30-minute video. Of course, I clicked the "STOP RECORDING" on the side. It has been saving the recording for almost an hour so I thought the program had a glitch, I clicked again on the "STOP RECORDING" but now a "STOPPING...
  8. J

    OBS don't generate all the recorded video

    Hi I give online classes, and I record them. But on my 2 last recording, I had trouble with the video exported from OBS. I recorded in diferent days and diferent computers and had the very same problem: the output video file is shorter than the recording. In the log you can see that the...
  9. O

    Bug Report Recording gets cut off at the end

    Hi, I'm currently having a problem that I didn't have before with OBS Studio. Every recording I make now is cut off at the end. So I'm not getting the full recording. Some part of every recording before I hit the stop button is not included in the final output. I've googled this problem and it...