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  1. X

    Recommended settings for Recording?

    A while age I recorded a Doom Eternal Gameplay and it was just fine but lately I have a lot of frame issues with some games like Doom Eternal, Apex Legends and more like that and I want to fix that. So my specs are RX 560 4GB, 16GB ram and a Ryzen 5 2400G. What settings do you recommend me?
  2. SkyFantasyWorld

    OBS recording cut off, is there a way to recover the cut off parts?

    Hello! New user here, I made a Among Us gameplay with me and my friends, and it was around 40+ mins long, but after I stopped recording, all of the 40+ mins footage was suddenly cut down to 10 mins only, and I was wondering if there's a way to recover all that lost footage?
  3. Hard Corps

    OBS FPS drop on output video

    I recently tried to record my gameplay using OBS on my low end PC. I use an AMD A4-9125 Radeon R3, 4 Compute Cores 2C+2G 2.30 GHz with 4GB RAM on 64bit operating system and x64 based processor. I'm trying to record my Minecraft Windows 10 Edition gameplay. When I play it didn't lag but when I...
  4. F

    Help with recording gameplay audio from PS4

    Hey everyone! So I’m new to streaming, recording and all that good stuff. I don’t have a video capture card but I’ve figured out how to get my webcam, Yeti mic and ps4 remote play set up. I can record perfectly fine the game itself however it won’t record the audio from my gaming headset. I...
  5. L

    Question / Help Recording Gameplays - OBS i Need Help!

    Hey, i need help. I wanted to record some gameplays on OBS Studio. (Fortnite) Im doing it every day. But since today i have a problem. When i click 'start recording' and switching into Fortnite, its getting recorded. When i save the clip and wanted to watch it, my character is not moving. I just...