Question / Help OBS NDI low framerate on stream pc


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I am getting around 30-45 fps on my stream pcs preview or stream. I have tried to reinstall, its sending data at 100mpbs on a gigabit network, hardware accelaration is on. Main pc preview is smooth 60 fps. Also monitor refresh rate is 75 hz

Main pc specs:
ryzen 7 1700 @4ghz
gtx 1080
16gb ram 2400mhz
240gb ssd
Stream pc:
ryzen 5 2400g @4ghz
8 gb 3200mhz ram
120gb ssd


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There was a a CAT 5e cable from an old router which only had 3 wires actually in the RJ45 connector so check your cables aswell


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Update to this as I've been having problems, one of the cables going to my stream PC was only CAT 5 and not CAT 5e.