OBS + iPad problem.


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I'm bought reflector 4 to connect with an ipad and it works perfectly normal without problems. Then I successfully also add the iPad screen mirroring into OBS. It all works perfectly fine and smoothly in OBS, until I start the test stream, then it freezes and crashes after few seconds of testing stream and turns off screen mirroring itself, while Inspector (for twitch) shows that connection and everything is perfectly fine. I have no problem with internet connection or anything whatsoever. I also tried with my friend's ipad and also tried my own ipad on a different PC, and it happens the same. I asked a friend who streams very regular as she owns an ipad as well, in hopes, to find a solution. And she said that it has happened the same to her in the last weeks. I've checked reddit posts and other forums and people are having similar/same problem. So,any solutions? I was so happy to finally be able to stream in Procreate and now I'm frustrated. I use Windows, if that helps anyhow.


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Im having the exact same problem.
Tried with 4 different mirroring apps and the same thing happens. Everything works fine until I start streaming...

please help.


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Hey!!! After trying 4394230943 things, I could finally fix this and... felt quite dumb cause it was so easy.
Are you on a wireless connection??? If so, THATS your problem. Try connecting your pc to your router via cable. That solved everything for me and I was having the exact same problem.

Hope this helps you!
:) gluck!