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Hey all,

At work, we recently got a Roland VR-1HD as our AV mixer. I feed the signal from the Roland into OBS to mix in some additional elements and content before I stream it to out Youtube channel. For comparison, you can think of the setup as a sort of overkill Elgato capture card feeding into OBS.

Unfortunately I'm experiencing a weird issue with audio desynchronisation over time. Video and audio run in sync for about 30-40 minutes, then audio cuts out briefly, and resumes where it was cut off. This keeps on repeating, meaning audio starts lagging behind significantly during long streaming/recording sessions. The monitor and audio meters will still look like they're in sync, but the output file is not. I think I have pinpointed the problem to the following, but I have no idea how to fix it. Any input would be very welcome.

The Roland is spec'ed to output 48 khz over its USB cable.

And indeed, Windows seems to take it as such. The drop-down menu is grayed out but shows the parameters we would expect.

So naturally I've set OBS output at 48 khz as well.

But when I look at the logs, OBS seems to interpret the Audio Device side of the Roland as 44.1 khz.

Like I say, any thoughts, ideas or janky workarounds would be welcome :)



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Update: I've tested setting the OBS output sample rate to 44.1 khz and it works. After two hours of test recording, there is no de-synchronization, which just leaves me even more confused. I'm glad to have a workaround, but it's a workaround that doesn't seem to make sense.

Edit: of course it's plausible that the hardware is reporting outputting at 48 but not actually doing so. One of the links in the chain is wrong either way.
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