Bug Report OBS Encoder Failed During Stream (Windows 10)


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I don't know if I should tag this post with Question / Help or Bug Report. Please correct me if I'm wrong, sorry!
Hello! First time posting to this forum for help, however, I wanted to post this as I'm not sure what happened.

The Problem :
I had OBS Studio open in the background while running Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Minecraft (Required for my friends server) and had minecraft being captured via the " Game Capture " source in one of my scenes. I noticed that the YouTube Live stream dashboard was saying " No Data from Streaming Software!" and I ignored it because I thought OBS was still streaming and thought it might be a problem with YouTube's buggy new YouTube Studio page. However, I then noticed that a window had popped up on OBS saying "Encoder Failed During Stream" and had stopped streaming. I then clicked "Start Streaming" and everything was fine from that point on.
System Specs and Versions :
Late 2013 (21.5") iMac running macOS and Windows 10 via bootcamp
iMac Specs :
- Intel Core i5-4570R @ 2.70GHz
- 8gb of Ram
- Windows 10 version 1909 (Build 18363.418)

OBS Version 25.0.1
- Output using the Encoder "QuickSync H.264" with Rescale Output enabled at 1280x720 and "Enforce streaming service encoder settings" enabled.
- Base (Canvas) Resolution : 1280x720
- Output (Scaled) Resolution : 1280x720
- iMac's screen resolution is 1920x1080
- Downscale Factor : Bilinear (Fastest, but blurry if scaling)
- FPS is 30
Minecraft Bedrock Version 1.14.30 and the Server I was connected to is running the same version [except its the server version for bedrock]
Log Files :
The Log file should be attached to this post. The time stamps for the error is 21:18:34.002 to 21:18:34.009

Thank you for the help in advance! Have a great day / the rest of the week!
ps. wash those hands!


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