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  1. MetallicAllex

    OBS 28.0.1 can use the old QSV encoder but not the old NVENC encoder?

    My NVIDIA graphics card is relatively old (GeForce GT 735M) and has been updated to the latest version of the driver. The previous version 27.2.4 of OBS Studio can use hardware NVENC encoding. Yesterday, I received an update prompt. After the upgrade is completed as required, start the software...
  2. C

    NVENC Error on 3060Ti

    Hello, as the title suggests I have been getting an encoder error ever since I installed OBS. The frequency of this error is completely random, sometimes pops up after 15-30 mins of recording or streaming while other times it would not even initiate the recording. Restarting my computer seems to...
  3. C

    Problems AMD encoder

    Hello, I have a AMD HD 6750 graphics card, and OBS does not recognizes it. It only shows x264 on encoder, and my CPU can't handle the recording, so the FPS drops a lot
  4. A

    NVENC Start Failure black screen

    Hi, I recently bought an elgato HD60x to be able to stream when I console game as well. Since hooking it up however my preview shows fine but whenever I record it is just a black screen with audio. After getting frustrated and deciding to just stream like usual no Elgato but I now appear to have...
  5. 3

    No AMD encoder, in the list of encoders

    For 4 months now I have not been able to stream on the AMD encoder, but on x256 my stream lags. Here are my logs 12:40:13.656: CPU Name: AMD A8-7650K Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G 12:40:13.657: CPU Speed: 3793MHz 12:40:13.657: Physical Cores: 2, Logical Cores: 4 12:40:13.657: Physical...
  6. G

    Bug Report OBS Encoder Failed During Stream (Windows 10)

    I don't know if I should tag this post with Question / Help or Bug Report. Please correct me if I'm wrong, sorry! --------------- Hello! First time posting to this forum for help, however, I wanted to post this as I'm not sure what happened. The Problem : I had OBS Studio open in the...