OBS dropping connections to Browser Sources - CPU racing while it happens


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Hi folks,

I'm running the very latest version of OBS (27.2.3 64-Bit) on fully patched Windows 10. My hardware is ageing a little bit, but it seems to be capable of running recent games (now that I found the GPU thread timeout setting for Unreal engine). The last few times I've streamed (on 27.2.2) I had browser sources disconnecting occasionally, and graphics freezing from Game and Windows sources, as well as browser sources. When that has happened the preview window (I run in studio mode) and stream view windows collapse down to a 4:3 aspect ratio (might even be 1:1) and only resume their normal aspect ratio when I minimise OBS and restore it.

On top of that - and this is the really annoying bit - is when that happens my browser sources have crashed out.

On starting the app today, and setting up the content in a text element, the app seized completely, preventing any windows operations other than CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to bring up Task Manager. When it finally yielded to task manager it crashed out completely. Crash report here:
On the subsequent start up (after a full Windows reboot) it did something similar, but instead of crashing in response to the CTRL-SHIFT-ESC, it yielded gracefully. However, all of the browser sources were offline.

I had a quick browse through the crash reports and noticed a hell of a lot of entries for LIBCEF.DLL, which some basic google-fu tells me is the Chromium Embedded Framework library. The only entry in the list of loaded modules for LIBCEF.DLL was an entry in the OBS Plugins folder, suggesting that you've created your own version to deal with issues with browser sources (which I recall being called out as a challenge in the patch notes). That would explain why it's mainly browser sources that are impacted by the issue. However, there seems to be some issues with the workaround put in place given the problems I'm seeing. I'm going to upload the log files for the two sessions in which hangs occurred (2022-03-05 13-45-16.txt and 2022-03-05 14-02-21.txt). The Crash log is already updated.

If there's anything you can recommend to fix the issue without having to resort to a full hotfix, I'd appreciate it.


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