OBS + Droidcam Virtual output and Whatsapp Desktop on Windows 10


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So i tried to make a video call on whatsapp desktop, using droidcam and OBS, since whatsapp doesnt see the OBS Virtual Camera, and it works like a charm, the problem is i need it to be 9:16 instead of 16:9, on telegram it works without the Droidcam, since it detects the OBS Virtual Camera, but on whatsapp im having this problem. Is there anyway to fix it? Maybe use another plugin that has the option to rotate the output, or change its resolution from 1920x1080 to 1080x1920.

Or evenn, heck.. a way to get Whatsapp on PC to detect the OBS Virtual Camera somehow.. with a driver or software the changes how Whatsapp sees it, from virtual to physical, i dont know..