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    Looking for help with obs video disconnecting from youtube live stream

    In two different occasions connection to YouTube is lost and essentially video is dropped, is there anything I can do to prevent this. Using Android Mobile phone via droidcam as video capture device Attached log files 22:56:47.257: ==== Streaming Start...
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    Droidcam OBS lagging over USB

    I would have thought that connecting my android over USB would be more stable, but there is a huge amount of lag when I connect my phone through USB compared to connecting over wifi. Is there a fix for this? I am using the latest droidcam obs plugin and my everything in my phone is up to date...
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    RTX Voice not working in OBS

    I use DroidcamOBS, which is a plugin that allows me to use my smartphone as a camera. My microphone is plugged into my phone. No matter how I try to change the settings, the RTX will not apply to my recording. Is this because my microphone is considered a plugin (due to me using Droidcam OBS for...
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    Droidcam lag

    Hi! I've been using droid cam for a little while now, and recently I've stumbled across a problem. You see, sometimes during recordings my webcam freezes and video is really slow and suddenly speeds up and everything's fine again. If someone knows what the issue is, please help!
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    DroidCam OBS - Seeks wrong network ...

    Hi, Friends - Windows 10 and DroicCamOBS - a really cool tool and neat experience here in the test lab of my home. Works as promised. In the field however, different exp. 'Field' is a neighborhood church surrounded by some large homes. Turning on DroidCam to note i.p address, when I'm seeing...