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Hello! My name is HiSenero and I am a streamer on Twitch. Over the past week or so, I have been running into an issue where I open OBS and as soon as I see the UI, it closes out immediately. At first, there was no crash log and I assumed all of this was because of my SELive plugin. So, I uninstalled all of that and reinstalled OBS. It worked that time, but once I got done with my stream then, I tried reopening it for the next stream until I ran into the same issue. I then went as far as to update and reinstall my graphic drivers because that seemed to be causing it. I then uninstalled and reinstalled a couple versions and tried yet again to open it. I was finally able to open it again then. Now, I'm having even more issues with this weird crashing. I uninstalled and reinstalled different versions, checked my drivers, looked for any applications that interfered, and it just keeps crashing. Now I'm starting to get crash logs and will insert them below, so if any of you could help me, it would be very much appreciated.


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OBS 30 is still on RC version and should not be used for production.
Manually update, don't use the updater. Or download and install OBS 29.1.3