Question / Help OBS Crashes with second monitor


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I connected a second monitor to my pc over WiFi and when I try to place OBS in the second monitor,it crashes.Here is the log file that is being saved when this happens.
How can I fix it?


  • Crash 2020-03-19 02-27-37.txt
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It appears that crash is being caused by your GPU drivers. You may want to to perform a DDU uninstall and clean-install.
That said, wifi-connected monitors, Synergy-connected monitors, and all other nonstandard, not cable-from-gpu-to-the-monitor display methods are... well, nonstandard, and should not be expected to work, as they tend to be hacky workarounds at best. Even semi-standard apps like MSI Afterburner are known to cause problems and conflicts... emulated remote-display jank is almost definitely going to cause crashes. Use a normal monitor.


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One more question,if I uninstall the drivers and install them again,are there any chances for the problem to get fixed?