Bug Report OBS crashes when using two monitors with two graphic cards


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my setup uses an AMD RX graphic card for the main monitor and an Intel HD on-board GPU for the second monitor. This way I am able to reduce the load for the AMD card when playing FPS while having some programs running on the second monitor.
I'm capturing my game on the first monitor that uses the AMD card.
Now when streaming I want to have the so-called "Multiview" in window-mode being run on my second monitor but as soon as I drag and drop the window to the second monitor OBS crashes immediately. The same is also happening when I move the OBS main window to the second monitor.
I'm guessing it is an issue when capturing a game on one graphic card and displaying it on another. One workaround would be to only use my AMD card but then I will put extra load on the GPU that can also be handled by the Intel GPU.
So, this seems to be by design but it would be cool if this could be fixed somehow or if you could provide a workaround on how to use OBS with two monitors and two GPUs.



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I had this problem, the solution that people gave was conect the 2 monitors in one GPU, but i couldnt cause i dont have VGA port in de PCI-E GPU (and here in Argentine its difficult to buy an VGA adapter due to the cuarentine), so what i did was drag the OBS direct access to the monitor that crashed on so it opens directlly on that monitor instead
That worked for me, Hope it works for you