multi gpu

  1. R

    Using Multiple GPUs for Streaming

    Hello, specs and settings of current setup posted below. I am streaming (Twitch) using a 1 PC setup and it can sometimes be overwhelmed, as we would expect. The problems I have seen are the stream going down (believe to have resolved this with OBS prioritization), hitching in game, and poor FPS...
  2. F

    Having a real issue selecting AV1 encoding on my ARK GPU

    My primary GPU is the AMD RX 6950xt but I wanted to use av1 encoding on OBS for recording but that's not available on that GPU. So i purchased an ARK A380 and installed as a second GPU on my system just so I could encode in AV1. The only way I can get OBS to allow me to encode with AV1 using...
  3. M

    Forcing OBS to render using a different graphics card

    This is a very unique situation so hear me out. My goal here is to make obs run and render exclusively using one of the gpus in my computer. I would like the other gpu to be used for everything else. This would be very easy, except for the fact that the 2 gpus are a geforce gt 710 and a radeon...
  4. D

    2 GPU bug

    Hello! I have two GPUs (0: 2070 S, 1: 1050 Ti). If the primary monitor is one that is connected to GPU 1 and I start OBS then it will render the OBS image. If I start a recording and card 0 is checked to have NVNEC encode the video, card 1 will still perform this task.
  5. DichterNebel

    Bug Report OBS crashes when using two monitors with two graphic cards

    Hi, my setup uses an AMD RX graphic card for the main monitor and an Intel HD on-board GPU for the second monitor. This way I am able to reduce the load for the AMD card when playing FPS while having some programs running on the second monitor. I'm capturing my game on the first monitor that...
  6. SetLucas

    Question / Help Chrome With Hardware Acceleration and 1050 ti

    I have a Windows 10 laptop with a nvidia 1050 ti (its a dual gpu system). I cannot figure out how to record chrome with hardware acceleration turned on (trying to record Stadia gameplay, so I have to leave it on). I tried following these instructions...
  7. B

    OBS Black Screen Fix (AMD)

    Note: This thread is aimed primarily at fixing black screens for AMD Laptop users and also Multi-Adapter Graphics Laptop Thingies. Basically, your device has a lot of graphics cards. Ok. So a while ago I used OBS and it worked fine. No black screen, no OBS (Oh this is so B*llShit) moments, no...
  8. S

    Multi GPU Encoding?..

    So, we can use multiple cores/cpus.. but is it possible to use multiple gpus for encoding together? I have a machine learning build that i would like to try it out on