Having a real issue selecting AV1 encoding on my ARK GPU


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My primary GPU is the AMD RX 6950xt but I wanted to use av1 encoding on OBS for recording but that's not available on that GPU.

So i purchased an ARK A380 and installed as a second GPU on my system just so I could encode in AV1.

The only way I can get OBS to allow me to encode with AV1 using that card is in graphics options on windows settings I changed my default high performance GPU from my AMD RX6950xt to the ARK GPU. and make sure my main display is plugged into the ARK GPU. This causes lots of other issues with my system and manually setting every other program to the AMD GPU is not only a pain but doesn't work for all applications. Also it forces me to make my main display not the display I want as my main

Is there any other solution?