Bug Report OBS Crashes when using Photoshop + Wacom Tablet


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Every time I try to draw or paint using OBS it crashes. It happens every time I use the brush tool + my Wacom Intuos3 tablet. Please look into this..... it makes me sad.

Here is the crashlog:

OBS has encountered an unhandled exception and has terminated. If you are able to
reproduce this crash, please submit this crash report on the forums at
http://www.obsproject.com/ - include the contents of this crash log and the
minidump .dmp file (if available) as well as your regular OBS log files and
a description of what you were doing at the time of the crash.

This crash appears to have occured in the 'c:\windows\system32\nvwgf2um.dll' module.

Fault address: 0FE74CAC (c:\windows\system32\nvwgf2um.dll)
OBS version: Open Broadcaster Software v0.472b
Windows version: 6.2 (Build 9200)

Crashing thread stack trace:
Stack EIP Arg0 Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Address
2380D7B4 0FE74CAC 02819980 0336FFB4 00000074 000000CA nvwgf2um.dll!0xfe74cac
2380D7C8 0FB2A47C 02574928 0266E620 0259F660 2380D970 nvwgf2um.dll!0xfb2a47c
2380D888 0FB29209 02574928 0266E620 00000000 0336F800 nvwgf2um.dll!0xfb29209
2380D938 0FA95E59 0266E620 00000000 0336F800 00000074 nvwgf2um.dll!0xfa95e59
2380D9DC 0F957343 0266E620 008E6A08 008813EC 2380DB48 nvwgf2um.dll!0xf957343
2380DA54 0FB1DA64 0086C34C 008813EC 008E6A08 2380DB48 nvwgf2um.dll!0xfb1da64
2380DB10 0F8DD074 008813EC 008E6A08 2380DB48 2380E958 nvwgf2um.dll!0xf8dd074
2380DB34 0F8EC103 0086C34C 2380E958 008813EC 008E6A08 nvwgf2um.dll!0xf8ec103
2380DB9C 61E21286 008813BC 00000000 2380E958 00000000 d3d11.dll!0x61e21286
2380DC74 61E1F685 008813BC 00000000 2380E05C 96C94D37 d3d11.dll!0x61e1f685
2380DC98 61E1FE1C 00000002 2380ECA4 00881298 008812C8 d3d11.dll!0x61e1fe1c
2380EBF0 61E1B618 0088A0A4 00000002 2380ECA4 00000030 d3d11.dll!0x61e1b618
2380EC08 61E206E9 00000002 2380ECA4 00000030 00881298 d3d11.dll!0x61e206e9
2380EC44 61E2060E 96C94BF3 00881298 00000000 2380EFF4 d3d11.dll!0x61e2060e
2380EC8C 61E20494 008812B8 00885578 2380ED50 00000464 d3d11.dll!0x61e20494
2380ED34 61E1B254 00889DB0 00000002 2380EE70 00000030 d3d11.dll!0x61e1b254
2380EE30 61E2092E 0088A0E4 2380F058 00000000 2380EFF4 d3d11.dll!0x61e2092e
2380EFA0 61E22EC1 0088A11C 2380F07C 2380F058 2380F050 d3d11.dll!0x61e22ec1
2380F030 000DCBF0 0000001D 0000001D 00000006 0336F800 obs.exe!D3D10Texture::CreateTexture+0x140
2380F0AC 000DB032 0000001D 0000001D 00000006 0336F800 obs.exe!D3D10System::CreateTexture+0x22
2380F0C4 000D35D9 0000001D 0000001D 00000006 0336F800 obs.exe!CreateTexture+0x29
2380F0E0 000DF78B F72392D4 0053ED00 00000004 5B7F6650 obs.exe!DesktopImageSource::PreprocessWindows8MonitorCapture+0x18b
2380F134 000DF822 2380F194 0FB02416 02657060 00000005 obs.exe!DesktopImageSource::Preprocess+0x52
2380F16C 0FB023FB 02657060 00000005 00000001 00000000 nvwgf2um.dll!0xfb023fb
2380F174 0FB02416 0086C34C 0262C920 00000000 00000004 nvwgf2um.dll!0xfb02416
2380F19C 0F8E1313 0262C920 00000000 00000004 00000000 nvwgf2um.dll!0xf8e1313
2380F1D8 0F92CDB2 0086C34C 008809AC 00000000 00000004 nvwgf2um.dll!0xf92cdb2
2380F200 61EC68D8 008659B4 00880910 00000000 00000004 d3d11.dll!0x61ec68d8
2380F240 61EBF8AF 008659EC 00880910 0F8E1508 0086C34C d3d11.dll!0x61ebf8af
2380F260 61EC3A01 008659EC 00880910 61EC6E09 008659B4 d3d11.dll!0x61ec3a01
2380F2D4 61EC6DF1 00889DB0 00000008 00880978 00001280 d3d11.dll!0x61ec6df1
2380F304 61EF1B01 0506D1C8 00000000 1A9C6620 00000000 d3d11.dll!0x61ef1b01
2380F32C 5B65AFEB 0506D1C4 0506D1C8 00000000 00984200 quartz.dll!0x5b65afeb
2380F344 5B65AF91 1A9C6620 84CB4240 0053ED00 00000002 quartz.dll!0x5b65af91
2380F360 73824096 ACA10ADD F72392A8 00990400 2380F834 dshowplugin.dll!DeviceSource::Preprocess+0x376
2380F390 5B7F67C5 F723902C 00000000 00000000 2380F85C obsapi.dll!ProfilerNode::ProfilerNode+0x175
2380F3BC 000F6880 2380F85C 00000000 2380F3DC 010001ED obs.exe!OBS::MainCaptureLoop+0x7f0

A minidump was saved to C:\Users\IraLee\AppData\Roaming\OBS\crashDumps\OBSCrashDump2013-03-08_1.dmp.
Please include this file when posting a crash report.

List of loaded modules:
Base Address Module


I know what this crash is caused by, it's caused by the mouse cursor getting an unusual sized cursor or something. This is actually my fault (even though I mistakenly assumed it was drivers a few times)


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That's great! I'm glad you're aware of it. For the longest time I was worried that it was just me.... haha

Here's to hoping it gets fixed. THANK YOU for your dedication and effort put toward making this amazing software. I'm sure the streaming community can't thank you enough.



This bug was actually fixed a long time ago, Nami. You may have to post a new crashlog if you're having an issue with the cursor


This bug was actually fixed a long time ago, Nami. You may have to post a new crashlog if you're having an issue with the cursor
Sorry for necroposting but isn't it the same issue? Me and other OBS user posted about that recently with no success

It happens while using Photoshop, completely random (can take 30 minutes of streaming or 100 hours). Latest versions of everything.