Question / Help OBS Classic is no longer supported - Here's how to easily switch to OBS Studio

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As you probably noticed, in the recent time there have not been many updates to OBS Classic (Classic means you are using Open Broadcaster Software v0.659b or older). The main reason for this is that OBS Classic had limits which gave the main developer a hard time trying to add new features to it. You can read more on this here:
For this reason OBS Studio was developed, to allow more complex features and multi-platform support for linux and osx. And luckily OBS Studio will soon have all features of OBS Classic. There are already a ton of features available that were never possible in OBS Classic. To name a few:
  • Interactive Browser Sources
  • Configurable Transitions (more than simple fade/cut)
  • Studio Mode (edit a scene in the background without showing it live)
  • Robust filter selections (for color correction, noise supression, and more)
  • Multi-Track Audio
  • more Hardware Encoder support (QS,NVENC,VCE)
  • Support for more Audio devices and better Audio system overall
  • Local recording presets, for easier high-quality recordings
  • Included video source
  • Intel RealSense support
  • DirectX12 Game Capture support
  • and so much more:
As of 18.0.1, there is only one major feature has not made it into OBS Studio yet:
  • Sub-region select (though cropping does exist)
We definitely would recommend you to give OBS Studio a try right now or at least think about switching in the near future.

To make the switch a lot easier, our awesome user Rodney created a converter which should give you a really quick way to move your current scenes and sources over to OBS Studio.
OBS Classic to OBS Studio Scene Converter

This can also be a good time to give your stream a new styling and maybe even re-create your sources. Use some of the new features of OBS Studio. Scenes as Sources for example to create templates you can add to any of your scenes.

And as always, if you encounter a problem make sure to either join us in the community chat (we can also help if you have problems creating your scenes) or start a thread in the OBS Studio section of our forum (either for Windows, Mac or Linux).

Now head over to our download page or github to grab the latest release of OBS Studio and give it a try. If you use Stream Alerts for example or Browser Sources in general, make sure to grab OBS Studio Full Installer on our download page or on github grab the full installer or full zip file:
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