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Free OBS Classic to obs-studio scene converter

I made this as an aid for people holding off switching from classic to studio because they don't want to redo their scenes.

Web based version:
Standalone executable: soon™

Note: Your scenes do not contain any sensitive information (i.e. stream keys) and are only saved for 5 minutes for you to download. After that the files will be permanently deleted from the machine.

I know the website is kinda terrible. Please excuse my inexperience with anything web related.
I plan to release a standalone excutable that will automatically convert all your classic scene collections to studio once I'm confident enough that it works.
For now a website is easier to monitor for issues and update to fix them as they arise.
I will probably also release the source code on github once I've done some cleaning up.

What works:
  • All common source types including browser and video sources
    • Video sources are converted to VLC sources
  • Global sources
  • Scaling and cropping for most sources
    • Just scaling or just cropping should work with everything. It's just the combination of the two that can cause issues
  • Window and game capture sources should keep the selected game/window
  • Positioning should be correct

What is planned:
  • Converting most browser source options such as custom css that aren't carried over yet
  • Converting old color/chroma key to filters
  • Hotkeys for game capture, etc. (waiting for obs update on this one)
  • Proper conversion of capture card options (needs some more research)
  • Offline client that automatically converts all scenes/sources
Known issues are:
  • Some sources can't be converted yet (i.e. very old ones or those added by some plugins)
  • Custom css for browser sources isn't converted yet
  • obs-studio sources don't always support all options of classic sources (i.e. text source)
  • Cropped sources might not be positioned/sized correctly
  • Website has all the worst practices
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