OBS causes Audio to stop in Elgato Game Capture Software


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Hello All! this is my first post so let me know if i am breaking any rules or something.

So here is my issue, I am building a 3 PC streaming Setup! the reason for that is that i want to stream and capture a clean master copy of my gameplay without any webcam, overlays or commentary.

PC 1 is the gaming PC, an HDMI from PC 1 will go into an HDMI splitter (1x2), the two output signals go to two PC's, PC 2 will record just the clean gameplay using the Elgato Game Capture software thanks to my HD60 Pro, while PC 3 will run obs and actually stream my gameplay to twitch.

-The reason I need to use Elgato's game capture software is because it has an editor, where after I stream, I can go and trim out the fat (pauses, loading screens...etc) before exporting a master copy, this is super helpful, as it reduces the file size, and is great way of archiving gameplay.

so here are the problems i am facing and some oddities.


when i start streaming using obs on PC 3, and record using game capture using the HD60 pro on PC 2, the game capture software STOPS recording Audio, if OBS is not running on PC 3, then PC 2 records just fine, this doesn't make sense to me as both PC's are not connected to each other.


-if i stream using OBS on PC 3 AND record gameplay using OBS on PC 2 then the recording is FINE, the audio is there, something about using OBS on PC 3 in conjunction with using Game capture on PC 2 breaks the audio.

-whats even stranger is that i also have the HD60s, and with that card everything works fine, If i stream with OBS on PC 3 and record gameplay on PC 2 with the HD60s instead of the HD60 pro everything works fine.

-its just in that instance, using obs on one PC and game capture with the HD60 pro on another PC, that breaks the audio for some strange reason.

-and lastly I'd rather use the HD60 pro over the HD60s because the HD60 pro records at a bitrate of 60MB/s while the HD60s records at 40MB/s and the difference, at least to me is noticeable

sorry if this was long! thank you for reading, and for any helpful advice you may give.