Bug Report OBS Capping Game Frame Rate


New Member
Ok, so I have an awkward problem. As of yesterday, I was able to stream Division 2 perfectly fine with OBS no problems. Today, I get on and open OBS and my game caps at 40 FPS. I have an i7-8700k and a GTX 1080 and usually get 144 frames, so this is really weird. This problem happens with no other game I have had used OBS with and I even was able to stream the same game yesterday no problems. My drivers are up to date. I did install a windows update, but I reverted it while trying to fix it and it made no difference. Also, when I just started screen sharing on Discord, it instantly capped my framerate at 40 FPS and it wouldn't go back, even when I force quit discord, and I had to full restart Division. Please help.