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Frankly, my recordings of gameplay look subpar at best. While recording Dark Souls Remastered (DS:R), I experience basically no frame or performance drops, though loading times are slightly longer. However, recordings are kinda low quality and barely having consistent frames.

I don't need to stream, therefore, only need your guidance on local recordings. I would like the recordings to look "acceptable" -- slightly above average quality, like 720p30/720p60, but whatever works best.

I have surface level knowledge of what PC parts can handle, what all the numbers mean, etc, but I am fairly competent with the internet, so any help is welcome.
PC Specifications:
Log File:
DS:R Footage That Goes With Log File:

Edit 1 (5/28/20 @9:03am): Forgot to mention that file size isn't an issue at all, as I will use Handbrake afterwards. Even without it, file size isn't an issue.


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Short version:
Set the Output Mode to Simple.
Set the Quality to Indistinguishable.
Set the encoder to x264 Low-CPU.

Don't use a Monitor Capture, it is the least-performant capture method and should be avoided as all but a very last resort; use Game or Window Capture instead.

Long version:
Your CPU and GPU are very weak; QSV does use GPU resources (unlike NVENC) and chances are good that it's already overtaxed just with the game alone. You're using VBR which is better than CBR, but is still not as good as CQP/CRF which are quality-target based encoding methods; you can use these in Advanced, preferably with a CQP/CRF value of 16 or so for very good quality (lower is better, but below 12 should never be used and is pretty pointlessly wasteful), and the x264 Ultrafast preset to minimize CPU load. It'll result in big files, throwing bitrate at the problem to compensate for bad compression quality, but you're going to reencode it later anyway (ps: use cqp/crf 12, to maintain maximum quality through the re-encode, if you have the drive space). Still never use Monitor Capture, and absolutely never use a MC in the same scene as a GC or WC, it can cause MASSIVE problems.


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Thanks FerretBomb, your advice and expertise is much appreciated. A few questions though:
  1. I've tried Game and Window Capture sometimes, but it seems like it doesn't detect it DS:R for whatever reason.
    1. This is a bit unconfirmed though, as my only evidence for this phenomenon is the fact that when casting Game or Window Capture, the recording preview remains black.
  2. You mentioned that both my CPU and GPU are very weak (not surprised tbh). When I have enough dough, I'm thinking of building a capable gaming PC rather than use old family laptops. Do you recommend anything for learning the in and outs of PC parts and whatnot?
  3. Lastly, I plan on uploading these clips to Youtube for my friends to see. Any recommendations on the Handbrake process?
Thanks a lot, by the way. I like forums like these because of the quickness and precision of their helpers, makes the whole thing a lot smoother.