OBS Audio Tracks With FFMPEG Wrong Times


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So I recorded some CS:GO with the boys, was gonna edit it into a vid for yt. Turns out obs or ffmpeg didn't want that to happen. I use 3 audio tracks, desktop 1 (1st audio track, game audio), desktop 2 (3rd audio track, discord) and my microphone (2nd audio track). I split the tracks using an ffmpeg command, since i recorded it in .mkv and wanted it in mp4 with the 3 audio tracks in .aac

@ echo off & setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
for %%v in ("*.mkv") do (
set FileName=%%v
set name=!FileName:~0,-4!

set outname=C:\Users\Ashto\Videos\actual obs\!name!
echo Remuxing: !name! to !outname!

ffmpeg -i "!FileName!" -map 0:v -c copy "!outname!.mp4" -map 0:a:0 -c copy "!outname!_0.aac" -map 0:a:1 -c copy "!outname!_1.aac" -map 0:a:2 -c copy "!outname!_2.aac"

I don't know what happened, but I ended up with some extremely wrong lengths. For my first recording, the footage was 24:31min, the first audio track was 23:04min, second track was almost 12 HOURS, 3rd track was 24:39min. For the second recording, the footage was 42:57min, the first audio track was 39:22min, the 2nd was 43:01min, and the 3rd was 33:24min. I have no idea why this is happening, and I don't know who is at fault (obs or ffmpeg, or me).

I have attached the 2 log files for the recording, 2021-08-13 07-55-06 is the first footage, 2021-08-13 09-04-05 is the second.


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  • 2021-08-13 09-04-05.txt
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