OBS Audio Problems


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Hey everybody! So I'm starting a Doctor Who podcast, but the thing is I'm having audio issues. For some reason, no matter what setting I try, my friends (not me, with the worse mic, mind you) sound like they're in a fishbowl. I've tried just Simple with MP4 and Indistinguishable Quality, Large File Size. I've also tried all sorts of different things in Advanced (my friend said 320 bitrate on Track 1 was best in Advanced tho-- that was the only thing I haven't actually swapped around in Advanced too much.

I've tried the NVIDIA NVENC encoder, normal x264, all kinds of rate control and bitrates, but NOTHING fixes this really weird problem that no one has an answer to in the OBS Discord either. And as I said above, one of my friends has a wayyy better and more expensive mic than mine-- yet I sound fine.

Not hoping too hard, but does anyone know how to fix my problem?

Also, here's two log files-- one Simple, MP4, Indistinguishable Quality & Large File Size.

Here's the second-- NVIDIA NVENC H.264, CBR, 8000KBPS, Quality Preset, High Profile, and 320 Bitrate on Track 1 in Audio.

Last thing-- one of my friends isn't in the call with the log file (the one with the worst mic). But that shouldn't matter given the problem seems universal with everyone but me.

Thanks for reading through my paragraph, and have a good day! C: